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As per the Notification no. 35-PAR (AR)/O/2R-2/16 dated 7th February 2017 of Personnel and Administrative Reforms Department the new District of Kalimpong has been created with effect from 14th February 2017.

Subsequently, Election Commission of India has been created new Electoral District Kalimpong by bifurcating the district of Darjeeling and appointed District Election Officer Kalimpong vide Election Commission of India’s Notification No. 508/ECI/LET/TERR/ES-II/WB/2017 dated 06/04/2017.

As per order of the Delimitation Commission in respect of the delimitation of constituencies in West Bengal, the whole area under the district of Kalimpong (formerly Kalimpong subdivision), viz. the Kalimpong municipality and the three blocks of Kalimpong–I, Kalimpong–II and Gorubathan together will constitute the Kalimpong assembly constituency of West Bengal. This constituency will

Apart from the Kalimpong municipality that consists of 23 wards, the district contains rural areas of 42 gram panchayats under three community development blocks: Kalimpong I, Kalimpong II and Gorubathan.

Kalimpong subdivision has an area of 1,053.60 km2 (406.80 sq mi), with Kalimpong I block having an area of 360.46 km2 (139.17 sq mi); Kalimpong II block an area of 241.26 km2 (93.15 sq mi); Gorubathan block an area of 442.72 km2 (170.94 sq mi); and Kalimpong Municipality an area of 9.16 km2 (3.54 sq mi).

Map of 22-Kalimpong Assembly Constituency

1Location260 51” North Longitude & 880 28” East Longitude
2Area423 Sq. Miles of which 225 Sq. Miles is Forest
3Altitude 3, 933 Feet (1, 250 Meters)
4TemperatureSummer Max 30o Celsius, Min: 13o  Celsius. Summer Max 30o Celsius, Min:  13o  Celsius. Winter Max 16o Celsius, Min: 15o  Celsius
5Languages SpokenNepali, Tibetan, Hindi, English and Bengali
6Number of Khasmahal Mouza56 Nos.
7D. I. Fund Mouza06 Nos.
8Number of Forest Mouza60 Nos.
9Population (as per Census 2011)Kalimpong Municipality- 49403, Kalimpong-I Block- 74746, Kalimpong-II Block- 66830, Gorubathan Block- 60663, TOTAL-2,51,642
10Sex Ratio 1000 : 971
11Density553 persons per Sq. Km.

Demographic Information:

Sl: No:Name of Municipality /BlockNo: of Wards/ Gram Panchayats
1.Kalimpong Municipality23 Nos. of Wards
2.Kalimpong–I Development Block, Kalimpong18 Nos. of Gram Panchayats
3Kalimpong–II Development Block, Algarah13 Nos. of Gram Panchayats
4.Gorubathan Block11 Nos. of Gram Panchayats

Important Contact Details of 22-Kalimpong A.C.:

Sl: No:Officer’s DetailsContact No.
1.District Election Officer & District Magistrate, Kalimpong7602975946
2.Electoral Registration Officer & SDO Kalimpong Sadar9073936857
3.Officer-in-Charge, District Election Section, Kalimpong9475411931
4.List of Assistant Electoral Registration OfficersCLICK HERE
5.Assistant System Manager, Kalimpong9475145487
6.Election C-I-C9609780431
7.Data Entry Operator9614059091
9.Contact Details of BLO SupervisorsCLICK HERE
10.Contact Details of Booth Level Officers (BLOs)CLICK HERE

Police Station Details:

Sl: No:Name of Police StationOfficer –In-ChargeTelephone No:
1.Kalimpong Police StationI.C. Kalimpong03552255268
2.Gorubathan Police StationO.C. Gorubathan9674757163
3.Jaldhaka Police StationO.C. Jaldhaka9475846919

Electoral Roll Details of 22 Kalimpong Assembly Constituency:

Sl: No:DescriptionRecord
1.Total No: of Electors200174
2.Male Electors99735
3.Female Electors100437
4.Third Gender2
5.Enrolled Service Voters (As per Draft Roll published on 16/12/2019)2141
6.Total No: of Polling Stations261
7.Part wise Electors of 22 Kalimpong ACCLICK HERE
8.Average No: of Electors per Polling Station767
9.Polling Station with lowest nos. of electors22/243(233 Voters)
10.Polling Station with highest nos. of electors22/184 (1274 Voters)
11.Farthest located Polling Station22/201(Tangta)

Administrative break up of Kalimpong District and 22- Kalimpong AC

Name of Police StationName of Block/MunicipalityName of G.P./WardNo of Polling Stns
Kalimpong P.S.Kalimpong-I Dev. BlockBhalukhop G.P, Kalimpong G.P, Tashiding G.P, Teesta G.P, Samthar G.P, Yangmakum G.P, Pabringtar G.P, Nimbong G.P, Samalbong G.P, Bong G.P, Seokbir G.P, Kaffer Kankebong G.P, Pudung G.P, Sindepong G.P, Dungra G.P, Upper Echhey G.P, Lower Echhay G.P, Dr. Graham’s Homes G.P82
Kalimpong -II Dev. BlockSansay G.P, Kashyone G.P, Pedong G.P, Kagay G.P, Lingsaykha G.P, Lingsay G.P, Lava Gitabling, Santook G.P, Sakyong G.P, Dalapchand G.P, Paiyong G.P, Gidabling G.P, Lolay G.P69
 Kalimpong MunicipalityWard No.1 to 23,46
Jaldhaka P.S.Gorubathan Dev. BlockTodey Tangta G.P., Patengodak G.P., Rongo G.P., Kumai G.P., Samsing G.P.29
Gorubathan P.S.Gorubathan Dev. BlockGorubathan II G.P., Nim G.P., Pokhreybong G.P., Dalim G.P., Aahaley G.P., Gorubathan-I G.P.35
TOTAL 3 Nos. of P.S.TOTAL 3 Nos. of Block including 1 MunicipalityTOTAL 42 Nos. of Gram Panchayat and 23 Nos. of WardTOTAL 261 Polling Stations