Motor Vehicles Department


Motor Vehicle Department is one of the most important departments in District Collectorate in terms with collection of Government Revenues and active involvement with Public.

It deals with matters like taxation Registration of private and commercial vehicles, issue of Permit, Route Permit for plying in restricted areas, granting of driving licenses and renewal, Auto Emission Testing Centre and other statutory work under M.V.Act. This department is guided and governed by the Motor Vehicles Act 1988, West Bengal Motor Vehicles Rule, 1989, at some sphere Central Motor Vehicles Rule 1989.

For carrying out Motor Vehicle related works with precise execution of these acts in the district, Regional Transport Authority is constituted following the Section 68 of said Act and Rules 76 of the said Rules.

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 Process for Learner License

  Process for Registration of New Vehicle

 Procedure of New Driving License

 Renewal of Fitness Certificate

 Procedure for processing issuance of particulars of Driving License

 Procedure for processing issuance of particulars of Registration of Vehicle

 Driving License Forms: Form-2, Form-4, Form-8,  Form-9, Form-12

 Other Forms: Form-1, Form-1a, Form-16, Form-18, Form-20, Form-25, Form-26, Form-27, Form-28, Form-29, Form-30, Form-31, Form-32, Form-33, Form-34, Form-35, Form-36, Form-42

 Road Side Signs: Cautionary Signs, Informatory Signs, Mandatory Signs


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